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He cried for a while and for the first time in days, felt better.

We slowed down and even postponed our wedding but after two weeks we decided to go ahead with the plans and we got married four months later.

Establishing that a person is suffering from ROCD, therefore, requires particular care. Relational obsessions usually begin in the early stages of a relationship and exacerbate as the relationship progresses or reach decision points (e.g., cohabitation, marriage).

Clinicians should keep in mind that relationship obsessions exist and persist regardless of relationship conflict.

It is not uncommon for people with OCD to hide the nature or severity of their symptoms from others – especially those they may be engaged with romantically – for fear of embarrassment and rejection.

On the surface, many of the obsessions and compulsions that go along with OCD can seem strange, illogical or even scary.When your partner chooses to disclose to you about particular obsessions or compulsions they are troubled with, make sure you acknowledge how hard it must have been to tell you about them.A little empathy and acceptance can go a long way toward building trust and intimacy.I stopped trying to figure it out and just held him.I told him it was ok to be confused and scared and to just let it be.

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Assessment and treatment Worrying, having doubts or even being preoccupied with a particular relationship does not automatically suggest a diagnosis of ROCD.

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