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As soon as that they start doing something interesting, you’ll have something to say. A cuddly, curvy body draws crowds too so show it off.

I’ll be frank – you’re going to have to show off your figure. The point is to show yourself exactly as you’ll look when you arrive on the first date.

For everyone, the next photo should be you engaged in an interesting activity, something people can talk about. They’re different, spark people’s interest and catch the eye. Smiling headshots can be attractive but it’s not exactly a conversation-starter.

Of course, we all have certain “types” that we’re immediately drawn to – whether that’s bookish guys with glasses or pretty brunettes with long hair.And those photos of a you as a kid aren't that alluring, he added."Why are you showing me your baby pictures?I don't want to evaluate you on your 6-year-old self."Online dating was one of many topics — from travel to exploding smartphones — tackled by individuals and teams of students during the IIT Institute of Design's 2016 Now Haus event Friday at 1871.Check out these shooting and editing tips for online dating pictures, and get those conversations started.With the stigma associated with online dating on a steady decline, and 15 percent of American adults using sites and apps to find companionship, it’s not surprising that there’s a whole lotta stuff written about “online dating photo best practices.” We’ve combed through it—the good, the bad, the contradictory—and condensed that info into four tips for getting great shots. So if your objective is to converse with fellow humans, avoid looking angry or sad in your profile pictures.

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If you’re naturally smiley, don’t regard that oft-quoted finding as absolute truth.

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  1. CK: Before I go out into the studio, I'm usually in my trailer blasting music. Usually Mark's biggest notes on the night are, "Smile more! We spend 10 hours a day rehearsing to get the number as perfect as it can possibly be come Monday night.