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She ended up bedding the younger boy at least one more time, it was claimed.

It was only when the girlfriend of one of the teenagers discovered what had happened that they were encouraged to tell a school social worker five months later.

The court heard evidence she had been in touch with one of the boys, either by phone call or text, 548 times in the space of several months.

It was said she formulated a secret code with both boys and would text them it if she wanted to have sex.

Travi, from Bournemouth, Dorset, was arrested and charged with sexual assault on the teenagers who are now aged 15 and 16.

These numbers were found attached to several groups named ‘Delhi area,’ ‘NCR area’ and ‘Ghaziabad area’ and suspected to include men and women who took Tara’s help to hook up.It is suspected that most of these members were in touch with Tara. Maybe there's a small list you can easily recall by name: or maybe you need to count on your fingers — and your toes.This figure is also true for the younger generation — but while this group might be having surprisingly little sex, they're having it with more people than they used to: 30 per cent of women aged 25 to 34 said they'd had more than ten partners.Given the number of headlines about teenage single mothers from deprived backgrounds, you'd be forgiven for assuming that being in a lower social class equals an increased likelihood of promiscuous behaviour.

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