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I earned my dating-expert status after spending three years interviewing over 300 men and women as research for my book. Both my book and my column give me creative control, while the content of freelance assignments is under the strict supervision of the magazine editor/editors.

I’ve since hosted a popular dating seminars at Great Expectations Dating Service, worked as a freelance writer for endorsed my dating book. When writing non-fiction, what are some of the biggest mistakes writers make? It doesn’t matter how brilliant your book is, if no one gets a chance to read it.

Check out a sports gossip forum if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Jasmine was the anecdote for the weird split between Kevin Durant and ex-girlfriend Monica Wright.

When it comes to Kevin Durant, there’s some real wackos out there.

I’m talking about women who want a piece of the man.

Lidar studies conducted before and after the 2014 Oso slide revealed 25 landslides up and down the Stillaguamish River Valley.

Draymond Green’s wife Jelissa Hardy gave birth to Draymond Jamal Green, Jr. Steve Kerr did his best to get Draymond to stay home for the birth of his son, but the team was on a trip during the birth.

The two were spotted up in the club in Atlanta – and Tommie was making sure the NBA baller wouldn’t CROSS HER OVER. They were actually filming out of town – and Tommie wasn’t there.

ILOSM fam’ y’all know Ginuwine and his newly EX-wife/former rapper, Sole,’ go back like Caleco Vision and Donkey Kong, they were married for 13 years.

The ice sheet dammed many of the rivers flowing west out of the Cascade Mountains, building up massive deposits of fine clay and silt particles more than 200 meters thick in what is now the Stillaguamish River Valley.

“This is a setup for landslides: a lot of inherently unstable and impermeable material in a climate that gets a lot of rain,” says Sean La Husen, a geomorphologist at the University of Washington and lead author of the new study published in Geology.

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