Drupal theme css not updating

My site is not updating when I upload a new style sheet.

When I click on the different menus on my site each page has a different css from previous updates.

I have the dev site set up on a laptop running ubuntu dev server.

I have gone to performance and turned off css and js aggregation and flushed all the caches via Drush.

Hi I got a really frustating problem and although I've searched countless hours to solve this problem (hours that i was supposed to enjoy theme development) I can't find a proper solution.It seemed to be working last week and has just randomly decided to stop updating.All i can think of is the change of FTP program I use.The problem I'm having is that my css changes are being saved to the file, but they're not reflected when I refresh the site.Poking around in inspector, the css files have a suffix, which suggests that something is still aggregating or modifying the files.

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