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Bethlehem – Rachel’s Tomb “Rachel’s Tomb” can be visited in Bethlehem today, and is considered the third holiest site in Judaism.There are debates over the actual burial location of Rachel, with most following the Biblical text placing it away from Bethlehem, on the road to the city.Make your reservation by dialing 610-625-2226 or email us.Chef Adams began his culinary experience at a young age of 16, allowing him to learn techniques and skills that allowed him to start his career early in life. Please visit the My Sands Center on your next visit with valid, government-issued ID to sign up for your player’s card!

This astronomical drama being enacted in the western part of the sky showed the collision of the two brightest planets in the heavens.Bethlehem – Ancient Roots Bethlehem is about six miles south of Jerusalem in Israel.It is primarily thought of as a New Testament city, but is actually extremely old.It would have been especially important to those in Babylon where astronomy and astrological interpretations had been studied and analyzed for centuries. Such closeness of the planets had not happened for centuries and would not occur again for hundreds of years.At this time in history, such an astronomical phenomenon would have made front page news not only in Babylon but also in most regions of the world. were of such historical and astronomical significance that there was need for modern scholars to reappraise the historical accounts associated with these outstanding astronomical occurrences.

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The purpose of this survey is to show that historically Baptists have held to the view that the two ongoing church offices presented in the New Testament are elders and deacons.

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